Type alias CommonOptions

CommonOptions: {
    args?: string[];
    env?: Record<string, string>;
    mount?: Record<string, DirectoryInit | Directory>;
    stdin?: string | Uint8Array;

Common options used when running a WASIX program.

Type declaration

  • Optional args?: string[]

    Additional command-line arguments to be passed to the program.

  • Optional env?: Record<string, string>

    Environment variables to set.

  • Optional mount?: Record<string, DirectoryInit | Directory>

    Directories that should be mounted inside the WASIX instance.

    This maps mount locations to the Directory being mounted. As a shortcut, if DirectoryInit is provided, a new Directory will be instantiated and mounted.

    Avoid mounting directly to "/" as it may clobber a package's bundled files.

  • Optional stdin?: string | Uint8Array

    The standard input stream.

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