Function initializeLogger

  • Initialize the logger used by @wasmer/wasix.

    This function can only be called once. Subsequent calls will raise an exception.

    Filtering Logs

    The filter string can be used to tweak logging verbosity, both globally or on a per-module basis, and follows the $RUST_LOG format.

    Some examples:

    • off - turn off all logs
    • error, warn, info, debug, trace - set the global log level
    • wasmer_wasix - enable logs for wasmer_wasix
    • info,wasmer_js::package_loader=trace - set the global log level to info and set wasmer_js::package_loader to trace
    • wasmer_js=debug/flush - turns on debug logging for wasmer_js where the log message includes flush
    • warn,wasmer=info,wasmer_wasix::syscalls::wasi=trace - directives can be mixed arbitrarily

    When no filter string is provided, a useful default will be used.


    • Optional filter: string

    Returns void

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